January 9th, 2012


Week 8: They're fat, they're ugly, they smell like cabbage, but they're nude!

Results! Well, A result. Finally, two months into takin' "Jumpstart your whole fuckin' endochrine system" pills, I get SOME noticeable tangible By-God-This-Is-The-Meds-Talking results. And they itch like a motherfucker.

More accurately, _I_ itch like a motherfucker. All over. Random sections of my body at random times. Not bad enough to wake me up or nothin', but always there. So I start panicking about it and I worry I'm building an allergy to the Spironolactone (since I jus' doubled my dosage). Plenty of worried research into drug allergies later (Itching and even hives are almost ALWAYS superficial and no big deal. If your face, eyes, and mouth start getting puffy, shit's getting more severe... you don't want your throat closing up. If you're wheezing, get help now), I go ahead and call the doc and inform him I've been itching for a week (whole business started last tuesday). He got some specifics from me and assured me that it's just my skin drying out and freaking out a bit at the transition. He says I jus' need to moisturize a bunch an' I'll be right as rain.

So it's not AWESOME news... No boobs or hips or whatever, but it's SOMETHING. It's a pain in th' ass, but it's by-god proof that the meds are workin'.

So y'know. It's something. =)

I'm gonna head out an' get more lotion on. Shit's annoying.

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