January 16th, 2012


Week 9 - Where'd the Cheese go? (I don't know)

Got the bigass 100mg Spiro pills today! No more chugging a handful of the 50mgs per day. Them fuckers is BIG.

The Itching seems to be slowly fading. It's still comin' around every once in a while, but moisturizing helps. Good practice to be in ANYWAY. I read in some ancient "How to be a successful crossdresser" book that a LARGE part of the process can be taken care of by just looking after yourself. Trim your nails, mind your eyebrows, exfoliate, that kinda shit. And I mean, I LIKE lookin' all sharp and well put together, but I'm a bit lazy for that. <=)

I HOPE my hair's slowin' down. Feels like I don't have to shave my legs as often, but it's wintertime, so I'm rarely shavin' anyway. We'll see if there's a big difference come summertime. I'm really lookin' forward to summertime, 'cuz any body-changes should be hidden under bulky warm clothes... I'm hopin' I'll be noticeably different-shaped (and recognize, realistically, that no-one's gonna notice or care).

One Interesting effect: No body odour. Now, I know that how I smell is s'posed to CHANGE, but I didn't realize it'd go away completely. Since I didn't smell bad, I stopped wearin' deoderant to see what the result would be... see if I'd changed any. Haven't worn any deoderant inna week. And I mean, I SWEAT... I jus' don't stink. It's interesting. I suspect that it's jus' my body changing gears, and that I'll jus' smell bad in a different way soon. We shall see!

All the sex-equiptment still works fine. It DOES take a little more coaxing to get in full combat mode, but I masturbated three times in the span of a couple of hours a few days ago, so it's comforting to know thet my capability isn't going anywhere, even if my desire is.

And I'm not sure DESIRE is the right word to use. I STILL think pornographic thoughts alla time, and I'm still interested in the same pervy stuff I've ever been interested in. It's just the difference between "I want to eat this donut right here in front of me" versus "I want to go downstairs and buy a donut". I'm sure I'd ENJOY the process and the result just as much as I ever did... It's just... a bit more of a hassle to get myself there? Masturbation just isn't as compelling a prospect as it once was. Which is kinda nice, I think. Despite the other day's debauchery, the past several weeks have had very few incidences of self-abuse (although the heavy work-load and Skyrim have aided in my distraction, I'm sure). Considering that I've been a pretty steady 2-3 times a day fella since adolescence, it's notable.

Well, that's a good enough update for this week, I suppose!
Now time to backdate it so's I can keep this a monday update (posting on Wednesday 'cuz I've been THAT busy/distracted).

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