January 23rd, 2012


Week 10 - Total Bananafest

Enjoyed an amusement part with my sweetie-pie this past weekend... I don't know if it's because Disney personnel are experienced/trained for transfolks or whether people were just NICE, but I got called "Ma'am" quite a lot. It's stressful for the misses when we get the "How're you ladies doing today" kinda stuff, but There's likely more to come. Best example was makin' room for a guy on the plane down to Florida, and as he's squeezin' in, he says something to the effect of "At least I'm with two chicks, not two dudes, huh?"... I'm not sure how the "chicks" he's talking to are supposed to appreciate his statement, but I got a kick out of it. =D

I think that, as the transition goes on, I won't feel like I NEED to "pass" quite so much, and I'll be able to comfortably rock the girl-look or the boy-look interchangably as I please. I don't consider myself "Genderfluid" per se, 'cuz I'd always took that term to imply that ones' identity shifted from time to time. I'm quite comfortable with my stable (albeit weirdo) identity. I jus' wanna put on different hats. I think a lot of my try-hard girl stuff comes from the fact that I DON'T pass. Ifeel kinda uncomfortable with people effortlessly classifying me as a dude, and I'd like to have a bit more freedom an' control as to how I present. I'm NOT a guy. So it'd be nice to be perceived as not-guy at least some-a the time.

Chemically, I'm not seein' anything especially drastic. Now on week three of the systemic intermittant itching, but nothing else especially obvious. Skin a bit smoother feeling? Occasional mild dizziness. Oh, BODY. What'chu UP to? And why ain't it boobs?

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