March 26th, 2012


Week 19: Unicorn-Curious

Doctor update today! Had a shitheap of blood drawn, and things seem to be goin' okay. No idea if I can up my Hormone intake (I need to just accept the slow-steady nature of things), but I'll know more when th' Doc calls back with bloodtest results.

Might be Orchiectomy time soon! I asked what kinda timeframes I should be expecting for th' surgery and was informed that I could pretty much go in whenever. Apparently, transfolks need to be careful about when they get their orchiectomy, because if you have it TOO soon, your skin's all gonna retract an' you're not gonna have enough raw material for the vaginoplasty. Apparently, that's the only real concern! That, and I guess you don't wanna take out the boys until you're ABSOLUTELY sure you're ready for irreversible change. Since I was ready for that at square one (And don't plan to have a vag engineered), I told th' doc to start diggin' up urologists for me. Exciting stuff!

I'll miss th' little guys, I'm sure, but I've had QUITE enough of the only thing they know how to make, so it is what it is.

Emotionally, I've been feelin' pretty good. I feel like decent progress is bein' made on all fronts. My ups have been pretty good about stayin' up, and my downs haven't been so overwhelming. I'm managing everything better, it seems. I mean, it FEELS like everything's coming together in my professional/personal life as well... but it'd be a bit of a coincidence for shit to fall apart when I'm at my most emotionally fragile and then magically come together when I'm feeling better about shit. So I'll assume that my entire perception of reality is based on my capacity for handling shit. And I'm handling it better! So... hooray world?

Doc said breast development was obviously in play and that, whether I lose weight, gain weight, or do nothing... my fat WILL redistribute to plump up my ass/hips more. I mean, like with Cis ladies, it's a crapshoot as to how ANYTHING will be proportioned, but I'm hopeful.

There's a lotta hopeful lately. It's not bad.

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