April 16th, 2012


Week 22: Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh!

Got an appointment with a urologist set up for the Orchi. Don't know how long it's gonna be after THAT 'till I can get th' chop, but I'm not especially stressin' over it. Really, jus' getting started on the pills was the BIG thing I was sweating. Everything after that hasn't been that big of a deal. Realistically, What's it gonna be, months? Weeks? I'm jus' excited to keep things moving. =)

Oh! For some reason "keep things moving" made me think of this: Erections? That shit hurts like a Motherfucker. Like, I spent a whole month without getting a single erection, right? Part of it was just not being especially interested in sex stuff, part of it was just being AMAZED at the novelty of not being especially interested in sex stuff. But I've determined that completely abstaining from the self-abuse is probably a bad idea. Took care of myself yesterday and actually worried that I was gonna tear something. I'm developing a theory that "morning wood" was evolutionarily implemented in order to keep non-sexually-active fellas from becoming incapable of activity if the occasion should warrant. So now I've gotta make SURE I get erections every once in a while just to keep the works from rusting up. It's a weird and novel feeling, bein' all "But when am I gonna have TIME for that?". Goddamn. Whenever I'm annoyed at how big my tits aren't, it's nice to reflect on the changes that ARE visible and significant. I've come a ways.

Relationship-stuff has even been going pretty well! Good days keep outnumbering bad ones. It's nice. I know this shit's still hard on her, but it feels less shocking as time goes on. I don't know if she's less pissed about the transition, but she seems to be doing better with it. Seein' me with a bra on doesn't fuck her up as much as it used to, I think, and she INSISTED that when it DOES come time for the Orchiectomy, SHE is gonna be the one taking me to/from the hospital. Previously, she'd mentioned not wanting to do it, just to not have to deal with it? Dunno. And I'm HAPPY to make arrangements... I don't want her to feel OBLIGATED to do anything she doesn't wanna do. But yeah. She insisted. Made me happy. <=)

Dentist's Office: Listed out my meds b/c they needed to know, and when they asked, I explained what the medication did and that I was transgendered. After that, NOTHING but Female pronouns. Hygenist, Doctor, Everyone. It was AWESOME. As I've mentioned previously, it ain't something I fight for (or even ASK for), but it was pretty great-feeling. Totally pro. Best dentist Evar.

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