May 28th, 2012


Week 28: Doing Everything We Can

Fucking Company shutdowns. I'm kinda tired of them happening every couple of years. *sigh* So I don't THINK my hormone regimen is in jeopardy jus' because I'm jobless... the pills are reasonably cheap (cheaper than continuing coverage, at least) and I don't have any important appointments 'till Septermber.

So I'm fairly confident that I can GET re-employed before September, but it's still scary to be with all the not-knowing. I'm trying not to move away from here for any number of reasons, but my professional support network is no joke here. I've got a doctor, I've got therapists, I've got a urologist lined up for the orchi... everything's in place. GAH

Thing is, though, that Kelli is taking it with much more serenity than I. She calmly told me that she's somewhat better prepared to live in abject fear while staring down the barrel of an unknowable future. I SUPER appreciate her not going "HOW DOES IT FEEL, FUCKO!?" even though she has every possible right. <=) Anyway, she's my rock.

Dear friend of mine wrote me a recommendation on LinkedIn usin' female pronouns. Felt good. I like it. Good to have things pop up that get me excited about the future and not be too terrified.

Days are jus' gonna come. Future's gonna get here. Another day, another couple of pills, and I get closer.

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