June 11th, 2012


Week 30: Gettin' by on Hopes, Dreams, and the Shiba Inu PuppyCam.

Another week elapses!

I kinda think thet if I'm gonna purge my savings over this unemployment thing ANYWAY, I should totally treat myself to the Orchi once I'm re-employed. 'Cuz I'm doing numbers, an' I think I'll be able to swing it? Assuming potential employers offer me piles of money and healthcare and life will be less sucky than it has been to me in the past couple of weeks. Which, I mean, that's gotta happen, right?

Parents are visiting in like, a week an' some change. I'm a little terrified. I mean, it'll be great to see 'em and stuff, I'm jus' not sure how civil everyone's gonna be. Will I end up
outing myself to them as the son/daughter they never knew they had? Will I jus' deal with boy-shirts and pretend like I'm not workin' on tits? WHO CAN SAY

At this point, the "Things my parents don't know and about which they'd likely flip their shit" includes a bigass chest tattoo, scars from four microdermal piercings, and a sex change.

I am actually a pretty monstrous child.

As is customary with these things, I plan to hope for the best, quietly try to anticipate catastrophes, and try my damndest to stay cool.

Kelli's been amazing through this, our latest terrible life-event. I KNOW it ain't easy for her to see me in a bra, and I KNOW she's as worried about the future as she's ever been... but stickin' it through adversity does wonders for solidarity. Nice for the upheaval to not be something I WANT this time. <=\

Awesome: Beloved old friend callin' me "sis"; darling friend callin' me "Meimei", bewbs.

Ah, well: Co-worker saying "We're all dudes here, so I can say this..."


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