July 16th, 2012


Week 35: Drama, Deadlines, and an Alien Pigeon-hut

This is a tumultuous time. This past week has been complete emotional insanity. I'm telling myself and I'm HOPING that the shit I'm going through is wildly saturated by the hormones... not CAUSED by them. Surviving a studio shutdown pretty much always sucks, and it's completely reasonable to be really upset.

Whuf. So like, since I don't have health coverage, I'm on the cheapest meds I can track down. I've mentioned these before... (Eight 25mg/day pills of Spiro instead of the two 100mg pills), but when I first filled that scrip, I was hoping I'd be employed and back on the other pills before they ran out. Ah, the folly of youth. But at least these meds are reasonably cheap and their continued purchase is do-able. SO MANY PILLS. Still. Better than injectibles. Apologies to my brothers and sisters in arms who need to do the whole needle management thing.

Since I don't have ENOUGH intense super flip-out drama in my life, I was gonna come out to my parents yesterday. Truth be told, I reckoned it's a good time BECAUSE of all the flipouts. When you get your nipples pierced, get 'em both done at once. 'Cuz the first one SUCKS, but you... don't really notice the second one. Anyway, my poor sweetie-pie reckoned SHE didn't want to deal with the drama and th' fallout, so our compromise was to put a date on it. In one month... August 15th, that bomb's gettin' dropped. It'll be my nine month tranniversary.

So, y'know. Check back on THAT one in a couple of weeks!

My sweetie-pie referred to me as her "lady" today. Hard to communicate the intensity of how awesome that feels. I love how this journal was s'posed to talk about MY progress and evolution and struggles, an' SO MUCH of it is about my sweetie. We're all in this together, I s'pose.

I have the most amazing surrogate family a girl could ask for, and I'm insanely grateful for it. Even in the hardest of times... my sweetie-pie, my friends, my "sister"... Things are really good and I owe it to them.

Also, recently, I was introduced to a Trans chick activist lady from Oakland! She's fascinating. It was really cool touchin' base and comparing notes. The Trans* Spectrum is SO wildly varied, it's really neat to exchange experiences. And honey didn't know what the WPATH Standards of Care is, so it's SUPER-cool to, y'know, spread the good word.

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