July 23rd, 2012


Week 36: Friendless, Brainless, Helpless, Hopeless! Unemployed, in Greenland

Job stuff wearin' me down. Tryin' not to have it factor into my transition journal too much, but if I've got to start over the whole orchi process AGAIN after two doctor visits and four months, you bet'cher ASS that bullshit's making it on the transition journal.

So there's any NUMBER of non-trans related reasons why I don't wanna move. And they're compelling! But if they weren't ENOUGH, I've got to consider: Some docs wouldn't have anything to DO with me. I TOTALLY lucked out in the city I'm in. Great therapists, great doctors... And even THIS was a total crapshoot. First couple of General Practitioners I went to said "Nope. We don't deal with that" and left me in the cold. Multiple Endocrinologists flat-out rejected me... And this is a cool town! This is an ART school town. Guh. Fret fret fret.

That's it! Worry and stress! That's all I've done this week. There's literally no other progress that comes to mind. Muscles: Shrinking (I look decent in short-shorts, not all "Beefy Man-Quad queerbait" (not that there's anything wrong with that, jus' not what I'm going for))... Boobs seem to have plateaued for now, Moods...


My moods are still making life difficult for me.

That's about all I've got this week. Too heavy. Hopefully next week will bring improvements.

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