September 10th, 2012


Week 43: Please Choose Only one Option

Did some voter registration crap today. Stupid automated system demanded "Mr" or "Ms", and a blank answer wasn't happenin'. Actually bummed me out. It's weird, man. This transition stuff is s'posed to make me MORE comfortable. And I mean, this is DEFINITELY what I want... I'm sure of that. It's just... Now I'm SUPER ESPECIALLY conscious whenever I'm presented with a gender choice and they're all "PICK ONE OF THESE TWO. THAT'S YOU." Don't like it.

I even did some research about how Rhode Island handles these things, and apparently they're SUPER cool. I only need one form to fill out, and that needs to be signed by a doctor of some stripe who'll verify I'm not male. Unfortunately, it all comes back to the square one problem where I can't claim male OR female without feeling like I'm putting down the wrong shit. I might go ahead an' get the License changed for the lulz, but TAXES are still gonna say M. I jus' like mixing up the deck where/when possible. Is that bad? Am I likely to get my marriage annulled? Guh. I DO NOT KNOW.

Difficult when having conversations with the parents where they're all like "Well, the country's heading into the shitter if Obama gets re-elected" And have to gently remind them that I'm fucking ANATHEMA to their party. Even if I LIKED their fuckin' platform, I'd just as soon not HELP laws get written that dehumanize me kthx.

Called the orchi therapist today. Dude responsible for one of the two letters I'm gonna need to get th' beans lopped off. He was outta office, ain't gotten back to me. We'll see if anything comes of that. I'll jus' keep callin' 'im. I'm unemployed, whatevs. My sweetie thinks that just ONE therapist session can be reasonably cheap, since all I'm tryin' to do is get a letter. We'll see. I DID see that there was a tax writeoff we could do for the procedure. Mebbie that'll help. Ah, we'll see how work pans out, I suppose.


Goddamn gonna be weird to continue th' transition on the other side of this. Life never stops. This has been the weirdest LONGEST best and most worst summer of my life.

Mebbie I'll get up tomorrow and things will be more awesome. Then get better from there.

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