November 26th, 2012


Week 54: Hippos of the Hipless

The other day in the tub, I stretched my legs out totally straight. Noticed for the first time that the lumpy-ass Quad muscles I'm used to weren't there! Like, I've still got quads, but they're MUCH more streamlined an' smoooth. One-a the things that always kept my hemlines below the knee was my bigass meaty boy-legs. REALLY cool to see some-a the musculature easin' up. I mean, it might also be my essentially sedentary lifestyle, but I'm sure th' hormones HELP. Got a pair of decently short shorts I've been meanin' to rock sometime, but the fact that it's 20 degrees outside combined with the fact that I'm just about too big for 'em means I can prolly wait 'till spring.

See, I'm SURE I mentioned in here my HRT fitness plans... That I'm essentially abandoning fitness plans? I reckon that if the Hormones are s'posed to be reallocating fat, then my body will CERTAINLY wanna allocate NEW fat to the right places, right? By which I mean Bewbs. BODY ARE YOU LISTENING I STILL HAVE THE HIPS OF SOMETHING WITHOUT MUCH HIPS. I know it's probably jus' superstitious, and I'm sure my body woudln't masculine-up just because I'm taking care of myself... But it IS really exciting to see my side-fats sloooowwwwly makin' their way a little south. An' the misses insists that my boobs are fleshin' out (tho I don't buy it).

Aww... Mis-typed "hips" as "Hippos". I tell ya, I just can't get me ENOUGH of dem hippos.

It's pretty impressive how the bathroom thing stops being an issue after about day three. Not even nervous at restaurants or whatever, even tho I'm still ASTONISHED to imagine I can pass anywhere.

Still riddled with uncertainty. Trying not to think about it. I've got my sweetie pie an' I've got my pills an' I take 'em and days pass. If I need to move, I'll get a doc wherever we end up.

I'm a bit emotionally exhausted. Times been rough.

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