December 10th, 2012


Week 56: No, I sill Refer To Myself as Her "Husband".

Went to the company holiday party last week. Real cool scene. One-a the best holiday parties I've ever been to, I think. Not that I've been to many. <=) It was one-a the first times I've ever drank in any kind of public context (I handled myself well), but it's also my first big social THING as a ladypants (I... don't get out much)! TOTAL non-issue. A co-worker was unclear as to whether to refer to me as Kelli's... wife? or not, but that was easily explicated and was a total non-awkward scene (I wonder how much of my ease in all this was alcoholubricated). Lady bathrooms? Non-issue. I wasn't even the only translady at the party (some folks insisted they wanted me to meet this transdude friend of theirs who was also at the party, but that never worked out).

It's a little weird how that works, man. 'cuz If you knew someone who's trans, fuckin' INTRODUCE ME! I know it can be kinda awkward to be all "You're one of 'them', and SHE's one of 'them', so y'all will get along swimmingly!"... I know that's rife with logical fallacies an' we're all jus' PEOPLE and Transladies would, by and large, like to jus' be LADIES and not wanna be othered an' all that... but goddamn. I don't KNOW any other Transcats, y'know? Not like, IRL style. Sure it's a superficial common interest but so's goddamn FOOTBALL and motherfuckers bond over that shit constantly! As is probably dizzyingly evident from this journal, I'm all ABOUT discussing my experience an' talking about this shit. It's kind of a big deal to me! And realistically, I can't pretend that it's really that interesting to all th' folks I try to talk to about it. <=) Hell, it's prolly not that interesting to most-a the TRANSFOLKS I'd wanna talk to, but at least they've got these stories, y'know? I can't even get mad at folks droppin' the "Have you had the surgery" line because at least they're kinda interested!

Anyway, things went well enough and I'm pleased. Now I'm jus' grumblebumbling through /r/transtimelines and hoping to hell I'm able to turn out that fancy. I only mention this because this chick posted (HOLY CRAP NOT EVEN SLIGHTLY SAFE FOR WORK IF YOU"RE AT WORK DON'T CLICK ON) this and it's just AMAZING to watch. Part of me is kinda annoyed at myself for not gettin' on the "perpetual documentation" horse (I mean, present journal notwithstanding), but that part's gonna shut the hell up if I can get my body lookin' that good. =D

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