March 25th, 2013


Week 71 - Travis Josephine

When I began th' hormone therapy, I reckoned that I'd slack up on the dieting and mindful eating and whatnot. More to the point, I reckoned I'd intentionally enjoy me some sweets an' whatnots with the apecific intention of plumpin' up a bit. My reasoning behind this (Which I'm SURE I discussed, but I've been doing this for 71 weeks so I don't wanna go lookin' it up) was that my body's gonna go into "Let's build a girl outta what we've got here" mode, and if I throw some fat into the mix, my hormones would courteously deposit th' fats in hips and ass an' boobs an' lady-shape-places. Probably sound reasoning, but I reckon th' plumpening's done what it's gonna do, at this point. Still no hips or ass, but transitioning at my age, I should be pleased I've gotten ANY results.

Anyway, so now thet I'm tryin' to recondition myself back into lose-weight-mode, I've dropped my calorie intake way-the-hell low and I think my moods have actually stabilized a bit. I don't know if it's psychosomatic or whether I'm just learning how better to manage my moods, but I REALLY like feeling as though I can manage my own brain. It helps that life's been generally pretty nice to me. Got made fulltime at work, trying to establish relationship patterns that make sure everyone's taken care of... Things feel alright.

The other day, my sweetiepie recommended I change my middle name. I don't HATE my first name, even though I don't like how it's pretty much exclusively used for dudes. There just isn't an easy feminine variant of "Travis", but the suggestion of "Josephine" instead of "Joseph" for my middle name was Brilliant. I don't USE my middle name much, and "Travis Josephine" is a bit cumbersome, but I like it. I like it a Whole lot.

Also, there's something meaningful about being GIVEN a name. I adore ALL the names given to me. Kinda hung up on Identity, I guess. <=)

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