April 1st, 2013


Week 72 - But seeing you (seeing me) Kept me going

So, GDC jus' came and went, and I feel bad for not having gone. I usually don't go to game conventions... I never really know what to do with myself at a convention. There's a lot of professional value in it, I guess, but my REAL remorse with regards to GDC was not being able to see and interact with some of the amazing ladies taking part.

I keep up with Porpentine and Merritt Kopas and Anna Anthropy through their works and writings online, and just knowing about them and keeping up with them helped me feel less alone when I was beginning my transition. I played Dys4ia at an important time in my transition, I think. So to have these ladies in the game industry, the only industry I've ever worked in... It's really cool. And for them to be saying what they're saying is especially meaningful to me as a translady, let alone a translady in the game industry. I wish I could have been at GDC if only to show my support and my solidarity with chicks who have helped me (and who knows how many others) see meaningful representation. Alsoplus their games are amazing. Following them on twitter and seeing them bubble up in the gaming news reinforces this notion that this is an exciting time in games and in culture. I'm glad they're a part of it, and I'm glad I'm there, too.

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