April 8th, 2013


Week 73 - Little Victories

Name change shit is COMPLICATED. As mentioned a couple-a weeks back, the wheels are turning to get name-change paperwork taken care of. Current plan is to take "Josephine" (which I adore) and make it my first name, with "Travis" backseating into my middle name. I don't plan to GO by Josephine, tho I'm sorta pleased by the possibility. I just like the idea of minimizing misgendering with like, I dunno. Professionals or whatever that deal with me. I don't mind Travis. It's fine to have a boy-name. But havin' a boy middle name is easier than having ALL my names be so damned masculine.

So the namechange stuff had come up in conversations with the folks... Curiously enough, my dad (usually the "cooler" of the two of them) just refuses to discuss any transition-related stuff at all. Mom's not a HUGE fan, tho she usually uses her butthurt about my transition to digress into bemoaning my absence of faith or childlessness.

Mom didn't know I got fixed, by the way. Got a vasectomy like, 12 years ago or something. Guess if I'd have dropped that bomb a while ago, she wouldn't be so upset? Dunno. I mean it's not like Adoption's ever been outta the question, but I guess she's annoyed by the idea of a grandchild raised by TWO GIRLS!?!?!1 I have no idea.

RIGHT! So a couple days pass and we get a letter to our house. From my folks (obviously mom), addressed to (only) me. Soon as my sweetie saw it, she was all stomach-knot mode. Presumed it was more whaargarbling or heavy shit or religious witnessing, but I was really happy to see that it wasn't. It was a sweet letter from mom recommending girl-names for me. It was sweet, even though her suggestions were generally awful. I DID like how she recommended "Jo" because that was the name of the (comparatively) gender nonconformist character in Little Women.

So it's rough that she's giving up on the notion of grandchildren (I'm dealing with it myself, really), and it sux that it's still a secret shame (they comfortably mentioned "Oh, we could never talk about this with our friends", etc... but apparently they're seeking therapy to help 'em cope, and as mom keeps repeating, "It is what it is".

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