April 15th, 2013


Week 74 - Heaven's Vengeance is Slow but Sure

Name change Started! Paperwork filed at city hall. In a couple of weeks, background check should be complete and I'll have the court hearing. I'm planning to have it be the same day as my new doctor's appt (The commute REALLY sucks when you have a lotta errands in town). That being said, I DO have an appointment. Moving ahead slowly is still moving ahead. B'sides, whether or not I get the beans lopped off, I'm STILL gettin' the namechange stuff, which will have much more intense and social ramifications.

Buddy of mine mentioned the notion that some day, someone will know me only as Josephine. That's kinda a beautiful sentiment, tho I still plan on goin' by Travis. If this transition's taught me ANYTHING, though, it's that I can surprise myself with where I end up sometimes. Things I didn't think would become a big deal become a HUGE deal. On a related note, a dear friend of mine determined that she's gonna call me "Josie'. Really super-duper warm-in-the-heart about that. Honestly, I don't have a PROBLEM with "Travis" and mostly jus' wanna change my first name to a non-boy name to grease the wheels of all my stranger-interactions... but it's still terrifically sweet.

Strange and new, but there's been a lot of strange and new lately. Exciting times.

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