April 22nd, 2013


Week 75 - The Pattern of Relentless Novelty

So mom mentioned "her sons" the other day. Don't expect this shit to be easy or quick, but it's frustrating that there's so little effort on their part. They're gonna come around in their own time, I suppose. Mom was telling me of a book she read where a lady's husband transitioned, so it's nice to see that she's working through this on whatever level.

Names are a strange thing. I've changed my Google Identity to reflect "Josie", my sweetiepie's been doing paperwork for medical shit and using "J Travis" as my name... It's weird. I don't MIND "Travis", and I keep repeating that... but I can't help but worry about transition stuff changing. When I began this process, I jus' assumed i'd keep the soul-patch. But gettin' read as a lady is INTOXICATING. It's really fuckin' powerful. I dunno. I'm pissed at Dr. Gatekeeper bein' all "I dunno, you're changing an awful lot", but there really HAVE been a lot of unexpected changes. Wonder how many more will show up in the remaining nine months of the project.

It's taken me a while to write this update, partially because I felt like I didn't have anything especially noteworthy to report on, transition-wise. When I started, I remember feeling weird that I'd have to hold off for a WHOLE WEEK between updates. S'pose it's inevitable that new patterns settle in. After a while, transition-related news just becomes being-a-lady related news.

I reckon I'm cool with that.

But I suppose things can change. =)

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