May 6th, 2013


Week 77 - Keep your head up ; Keep your heart strong

No real progress to speak of. Nothing much new going on. Riding that crest of "shit's not completely insane". My moods haven't been COMPLETELY smooth, but they're fairly stable and generally good. Things with my sweetie-pie and myself can still be touchy, but everything feels like progress is being made. I can REMEMBER the horrible despair and hopelessness of (god, was it only) a year ago. But it feels distant.

Last night, when hangin' out in the tub, I was surprised a little when I was shaving... my boobs seemed to push out further than I was used to. I was surprised to have something soft to rest my arms on. No real CHANGE to report, since they're just as not-as-big-as-I'd-like as they've been. Just interesting when certain configurations surprise me. Sweet of my body to remind me that some details are still quite new.

Had a fella hit on a buddy of mine recently. He was terrifically cute, but he wasn't interested in me. Just my buddy. Because he's a dude. And I'm not. Strange to see these things unfold. Details.

Also, my favourite colour is purple now. It's been a long time coming and I'm not sure when it happened, but it did. My favourite colour has been green since I was adolescent (when it was purple for a brief period of time, before which it was green). Back to purple now. No idea what that means (if anything).

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    Klaus Nomi - Purcell's "Cold Song"