May 20th, 2013


Week 79 - Comfortably Numb (from sitting too long in a weird position)

So I did some Lifedrawing recently. Been trying to keep my eye on the area fetish community, hoping to find more queer/trans kids, playpartners or whatnot. One group I found does a lifedrawing/bdsm thing, so I reckoned that gettin' naked in front of folks would be a fine way to meet 'em! And I DID meet some kids, but mostly it was neet to experience something like that as a lady. I've ALWAYS been pervy, I've always been exhibitionistic, but the new context made things, I dunno. MUCH more comfortable. Soon as I dropped the robe, some lady went "Ooh, titties!" Which, I mean, that's the kind of crowd I'm dealing with... but I actually felt like I was being observed and reacted to as a woman. Felt good.

Got my namechange court date this Thursday. Then I get to try my shit out with Doctor number 2. Here's hopin' that I don't end up in gatekeeper hell with this one.

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