June 24th, 2013


Week 84 - Shoutout To My Island Girls

Eventful week.

Went to the doc today, gettin' some Followup action post-orchi. Dude said I was healing impressively well, and that some-a my lingering soreness is to be expected and is no big deal. Tonight, I take my first bath in a month. It's gonna be AWESOME.

Sidenote: My doc didn't know the word "Dysphoric". Teaching moments all around!

Phone convo with my folx this weekend... Dad used my new name, mom gave me some shit about "defying God's plan". Win some, lose some. It means SO much for me to see my folks come around. I've gotten shit from my buddies for continuing to interact with my folx. "If someone's going to be shitty to me and disregard my needs and struggles, I should jus' say fukkem" etc. I guess that it's a combination of factors... Mom & paps still love me a lot. They've just got backwards ideas. It's a shame they're ignorant, but if I can be a teaching moment for them, I can help reduce their ignorance while still having parents. And I guess that's a worthwhile endeavour? Don't expect 'em to attend any pride parades, but they're gonna have a goddamn diffeerent perspective if they're in a social situation and someone in their group starts talking shit about transfolks.

Mom inadvertently warmed my heart a bit... I mentioned to her thet a kid I knew growing up is trans (more on her later), and she seemed kinda flustered. I don't know what I was gettin' at by relating this info to her, but I said something to the effect of "Y'know, in case it's reassuring that this isn't an isolated incident... that this happens. Her response to me was something to the effect of "Oh, I KNOW it happens. It's been happening more and more. Today's world..." I don't actually remember whether she trailed off or wharrgarbled. It WAS reassuring, though, that someone in my mom's position is "seeing it" more and more. VISIBILITY, BITCHES. WE HAS IT.

Feelin' a SUPER rebound on the sexual tip. Erections are still kinda painful, but I'm MUCH MUCH more interested in sex post-orchi. Hoping that if I jus' give the girl enough exercise, she'll stop aching so damn much every time she gets hard. Neat to feel that self-abuse urge creeping back in whenever I'm idle. I'd missed that impulse.
So! There's a chick I keep up with from Saint Simon's Island... one of the few folx from my childhood I maintain relations with. So this chick tells me about Facebook goings-on, since I abstain, and recently informed me that a kid I used to know when I was like, 6 or so back in th' Tiger Scouts is Trans! Helluva thing. Apparently, she lives on the island with her fiancee an' their girlfriend. Which, wow. Fist in the fuckin' air. I thought it was kinda weird and unsettling to transition without knowing other transfolx, but to do so in south Georgia (and alsoplus not knowing any transfolx)? That's some shit, right there. Homegirl wrote to me

I know a buncha transfolks that are poly. Wonder what that's all about. I know the plural of anecdote isn't data but It'd be interesting to talk to folks in trans* communities and see whether there's a disproportionate number of poly kids. Like, how breaking free of "gender" requirements might empower folks to break free of other social requirements they feel beholden to? And not even beholden... but y'know. To ask those questions. Any convictions worth having should withstand scrutiny, but there's a lotta stuff that it just doesn't occur to folx to scrutinize. If EVERYONE was in a queer, accepting, open community, I wonder how the social landscape would differ.

Hey, everyone? Social experiment: Let's all collaborate on an open, accepting, queer community.

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