July 8th, 2013


Week 86 - Wherein Little Sister Plays the Big Sister

Mentoring a young transchick online... Not sure how we got to talking, but I've been doin' what I can to lift her spirits, help her throught the rough stuff. I feel kinda weird about it. Like, on one hand, it's AWESOME being able to speak with any kind of authority about this stuff. I've done the HRT thing, the name change thing, the Orchi...

On the other hand, fuck. The Orchi was a month ago! I've been through some-a this shit, but I have no PERSPECTIVE. Lookit that. I'm only on week 86 of my 110 weeks of documentation. 86 weeks ago, "I think I'm a woman" was pretty much just a twinkle in my eye! I'm in no damn position to advise ANYONE about how this shit will affect their lives or what they can expect, REALLY.

I've also had it HELLA easy. I wasn't HONESTLY expecting to have the orchi before the 110 weeks were through. Never expected to even ATTEMPT the name-change battle. It feels like anything I've tried with this transition has jus' kinda WORKED, and I'm Overwhelmed by how lucky an' privileged I am (and have been).

Then again, whatever. After all the legitimacy fears I've wrestled with regarding my transition, I'm spending a LOT of time tellin' this chick that she doesn't need to question her legitimacy, so I should take some-a my own medicine.

I'm not an expert. I'm jus' me. But I'm as legit as I know how to make myself. Hopefully that's enough to help. <=)

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