July 15th, 2013


Week 87- Psychic Fisting is Real

Preparing to go to San Diego for the Comic 'Con with my sweetie pie. First time I've attended as a woman. Part of me WANTS the experience to be somehow different, but considering all the potential horrible ramifications of "my experience is different now because I'm a woman", I should hope that everything feels the same. It's that old validation thing creepin' in again, I guess. Part of me wants things different just to remind me that YES, things have changed. It's jus' kinda weird how they haven't. This entire process has just made me more ME. I'm still into the same shit I've ever been, still make the same jokes.

Weird to use the same bathroom as my sweetie in airports and whatnot. I get that "passing guilt" when nobody harasses me. I want to take one for the sisterhood! I want to be a teaching moment! *sigh*

Nice to see my "I'm new to this" enthusiasm still poking through when I'm trying to pretend I'm old hat at this gender transition stuff. <=)

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