July 22nd, 2013


Week 88 - Here with your Husband

So, Comic-Con came an' went. Overwhelming, as it usually is. My first time as a lady. Truth be told, I was a little bummed out when some-a my old friends stopped by... Not 'cuz they used my old name, but because they didn't skip a beat. No "You look different" or anything. Jus' sayin' hi and catchin' up. Such mixed feels! 'Cuz I want SO BADLY for stuff to be recognized, I feel kinda lame. All ths time, money, stress, hormones, surgery... And nothing? But at the same time... it's kinda badass that old friends don't react. I'm SURE they process the changes, but maybe they don't react because it seems like something I'd logically do. Anyone close to me knows I've fucked with gender stuff a lot. I dunno. It was interesting.

Also interesting was hearin' a lady talkin' to Kelli and idly mentioning "Your husband". Kelli hadn't SAID anything... She just assumed that Kelli was married (Or saw the ring and assumed she was married to a dude). Never wouldve noticed someone making that assumption. Or if I DID notice it before, It'd seem logical. "Well, I'm here, so obviously we're married" or some such. But it ain't. It was just an assumption. Weird to no longer be part of that majority so secure, folx can just idly throw that shit around.

I didn't correct her. Didn't wanna make things awkward or whatever. Neither did Kelli, really. But it didn't get either of us down. It was just interesting.

SO many adorable queer kids at the convention, and so many ladies who might have been trans, but y'know. Hard to be sure and I know better than to ask. Still, it SUPER warmed my heart to see a lady who MIGHT Be trans*, so I'm makin' mental notes to increase visibility at stuff like this. I want to be a chick who ladies can see and feel less alone.

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