August 26th, 2013


Week 93 - Poor Performance Warning

So, a week ago or so I found myself in a situation that was alien to me. Enjoying some sexytimes (like ya do), but no orgasm happened. Not even that no orgasm happened, but no orgasm COULD. Like, everything was FINE, I wasn't worried or nervous or distracted or anything... but the time kept passing and I wasn't getting any closer. It was WEIRD. Like, I could FEEL that nothing was gonna happen. Never experienced that before. Scared me a LOT, it did. Like, I didn't have an erection for days afterwards no matter WHAT I did and I was panicking that I'd finally broken everything.

My sweetiepie was all "Orgasms aren't sex. Welcome to being a woman". Love that gal. She's the ABSOLUTE best.

Anyway, after panicking and freaking out for several days, I woke up with morning wood (which NEVER happens these days) and self-abuse worked like it should! False alarm, mebbie... I dunno. Really strange. Hard to go back and think about where my headspace was and why I wasn't able to finish things off, but yeah. Hopefully this sort of thing will freak me out less when it's not THE FIRST TIME IT'S EVER HAPPENED

Still room for surprises.

Heard back from all the insurance fuckers re: my surgery. Absolutely no coverage whatsoever. So on one hand, I'm glad we had some savings tucked away. On the other hand, I miss those savings. <=\ We had kinda prepared for it, but it still hurts.

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