October 14th, 2013


Week 100 - On the Enigmatic Delights of the Masculine Creature

Oh, insurance hell. So, back in the day, I had received unequivocal assurance that "your procedure is not provided to people of your gender" and presumed that all my insurance for the surgery had been denied. Well, not presumed... that's what they said.

So now it's October (surgery was back in May), and I get a bill from something in june that was screwed up b/c of the name change. I make some phone calls and discover that there's some book-keeping I need to do (my employer still listed me as male in the insurance, I guess? I've never been "male" here, but whatevs) and I discovered that some of my stuff HAD been covered!


Anyway, boo. Trans insurance hell. At least I'm getting SOMETHING covered, which is more than I expected.

Dudes. They have an interesting appeal now that they didn't used to. It's something I noticed recently ESPECIALLY with respect to body odor*, but also as a general notice. The cooncept of snuggling a boy cutie has shifted. I've known I was bi since I was 14, but interaction with a boy was always boy-boy interaction. It was hot, and I could get down with it, but there's some kind of interesting chemistry that occurs now that it's boy-girl interaction. Or... boy plus whatever this is (gestures towards self) interaction. I don't know whether I'm treated differently or if pheremones affect me differently now (likely, I suppose), but I've heard a number of transladies who WERE only into chicks pre-transition mention how they're more towards the middle of the Kinsey scale now. Lotta anecdotal stuff, but hard data would be interesting.


*I've determined I really like body odor on fellas or chicks. So long as I'm on-board with the person, I'm SUPER onboard with smells. If I don't know 'em or like 'em, it's as repellant and annoying as ever. This is a relatively new thing! Also SUPER fascinated with my own smells, since they're all kinda new and junk
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