December 16th, 2013


Week 109: Everything is Amazing and No One is Happy (except me, I'm happy)

Merritt Kopas made a post today saying "really excited about how boring being trans has become for me." followed by "god imagine how boring it’ll be in a year or three". Got me thinking, as I'm coming up on the end of my 110 weeks. I used to voraciously read transfolks' feeds, absorbed whatever I could from the transgender and ask transgender subreddits...

I guess I found what I needed to find? Learned what I needed to know. I've met other transfolks, seen how privileged my transition has been... I've even had the opportunity to mentor folks trying to figure out their own transitions... And it's not like trans stuff doesn't interest me any more! This is huge, and it's gonna be the rest of my life. I'll probably always be happy to discuss gender and trans stuff with folks, but at least it's no longer the most important thing for me to discuss.

I used to want to call out to everyone and say "HEY! I was assigned male at birth but I'm a woman now! Other times in history and in other parts of the world I would be castigated or killed but I'm here and I'm happy and maybe things are getting better!" As if anything I say needs to be seen through the lens of my transness. I mean, I still get that urge, but it's quieter now.

Co-worker of mine told me today she didn't even know my old name. She was chatting with someone who knew me from the before-times, and she just drew a blank. Weird and beautiful, that is.

Today a young trans chick I know (who I've advised and helped with her transition) posted that she's someone's girlfriend now. Even if shit's not super freshly new to me, it's still awesome seeing new revelations and insight coming from my friends' transitions. Also, It might get boring, but it's still sparkles every time I hear "ma'am" or my new name or "ladies".

I'm a magical girl. This happened.

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