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Week 94 - My People

Community is SUCH a powerful thing. I'm regularly reminded how powerful it is to have people in my life that are trans. And not JUST trans, but kinky folks, queer folks... I'd gotten used to my patterns pre-transition, and there were lots of things that were longstanding wants that I'd more or less tuned out.

This week, I went to lunch with a lady I've chatted with online. We talked trans stuff and kink stuff and general life stuff, and I found out that her transition began a day before mine. Another buddy of mine came out to her mom as trans, beginning the first "real" interaction she's had coming to terms with her transition. I feel like I'm able to help. To provide meaningful support and perspective and experience. All of this is SO novel to me. I'm used to not DISTINGUISHING between kink and queerness and genderfuckery. I'd always assumed it was different facets of the same object. And nobody really GAVE a shit about that object.

I don't know that it's so much a huge element of my Identity that's been neglected as it is a part of me that's in focus now. I move in a direction, feel comfortable, and keep moving. It's just that getting started in that direction can be strange.

This weekend, I was at a party where I was naked and nobody batted an eye about my anatomical configuration. I've only been a lady to these folx, and I was treated as such. One fella pointed at me when I disrobed with a "Sweet! Girlcock!", but it was POSITIVE. I was understood. These folks know transladies. They're just another type of lady. Intoxicating, that feeling. The not needing to explain, the not needing to divulge. I just AM. And they get it.

I'm happier now. Happier than I've been in a long time. My moods still swing... I have up times and downtimes. It's not like EVERYTHING's a walk in the park... I still have a lot to figure out and a lot to understand, especially helping my sweetie-pie through all this change. But the baseline is high. I'm feeling hopeful about the future. Hell, I'm THINKING about the future. I'm really excited.

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