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Week 96 - stillness

Not sure where to go with this journal any more. The physical changes have plateaued, the psychological changes have become consistent enough that there are few surprises... I wouldn't say that my life's become routine, but the transition is less of a daily adventure and more of me just keepin' on. Still feels a little fake and weird and cheat-y to call myself a lady, but it's just me. Everyone else seems to be comfortable and clear with me fittin' into a lady-space.

It all feels like I've had too easy a run of things, but I'll take what I can get. =)

When I began I was worried that once a week wasn't enough! Perhaps my problem was the "every Monday" plan. I think that with my transition at least (and perhaps with ALL self-induced transitions), It starts passionately then becomes routine. These are themes I've touched on recently, I guess.

This is one of those weeks that would flash by in the montage sequence, I guess.

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