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Week 97 - Shudder to think

Sex is strange. Just when I think I'm finally slowly getting the hang of things, shifts continue shifting and the rules are all different again. Erections: A little stiff (excuse the pun), but not as sore as they have been. Still takes a decent amount of focus and concentration, but everything pretty much works!

I TOTALLY understand the "Full body arousal / Full body orgasm" concept. I thought that it was partially just me getting into pot that made me realise how intensely tactile-sensitive I can be, but even stone sober I can collapse into uncontrollable sexyshivers from gentle massage. I kinda like it and kinda get annoyed at how easily manipulated I am. Regardless, bathtub-time (especially when high) is a transcendental experience these days. So nice.

Orgasms have been a strange variety. Sometimes they're incapacitating shudder-fests that last for minutes, sometimes they're quick little outbursts. I've had a couple instances of ejaculation without orgasm... It's strange. Like, it's not TERRIBLY difficult to re-program what I expect from an orgasm... It'd jus' be nice if it wasn't such a moving target. =)

Spending the next couple of weekends hangin' out with boy/girl couples thet are friends of ours. Makes me wonder if my sweetie-pie feels cheated, seein' ladies who get to date dudes (not that anything's stopping her from dating dudes, just wonder if it occurs to her).

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