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Week 101 - Not sure what's left

Nine weeks left. The astonishing curve of changes has slimmed into me reaching for updates. Maybe I should just call the project early, calling it a done deal. Almost up to my two year tranniversarry, but I'm not sure what's left to document. When I started this journal, there were everyday changes. And I've heard that some folks experience changes after the two-year mark, but starting at 34, I'm not holding my breath.

Got sick recently. Noticed that it stabilized my emotions. I think my body jus' went into "bigger fish to fry" mode and stopped letting the freakout chemicals run free. Not sure.

Just had the last bit of insurance flip their bit from "m" to "f". Not sure why that took so long. Weird little scales of the Before-Times falling off every once in a while.

Ah, I've got nothin'. I need more amazing trans-related updates, I think.


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