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Week 102 - the girl I want to be

Welp, I've comfortably plumped up, as was my plan. I reckoned when I STARTED my transition that I wouldn't worry too much about diet an' exercise... thinkin' that my new fats would roll up in lady-fat places. Maybe that worked to some extent, maybe not. I've got bewbs, so it ain't a TOTAL loss. <=) Generally, tho, I've gotten myself to a fairly large point (relative to my lifetime weight gain and loss). It's interesting how I react to it. Like, I have a mild nagging desire to be less fat, but I'm also so goddamned happy with my body that I don't really feel a NEED for it. Seeing myself naked is getting better, I think. Still don't have the boobs I want, and I might never have the waist/hip ratio I want, but join the fuckin' club, y'know? It's not the end of the world. Sometimes when things all come together well I kinda see a girl in the mirror. I could give a shit if she's a fat girl. Alsoplus I like the statement made by bein' a fat chick no fucks given.

Talked to my folks on the phone the other day. Mom said my old name and I corrected her. She got a little farther into her anecdote and used my old name again. I corrected her again, and in a huff she was done talking. I hope those kids will lighten the fuck up and I'll be able to hang out with 'em before they die.


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