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Week 104: Two Years In

Unpacking a lot of complicated feelings about the two year mark. This transition was essentially thought of as a two year THING. After the 2 year mark, I've changed as much as I can reasonably expect.

Feels like I've just begun.

I never expected to change my name. I didn't have a clear picture of what I could expect from the hormones. I didn't know I'd meet other queer folks, let alone kinky queer folks, let alone TRANS kinky queer folks.

I suspect the next (last) several entries will be plaintive and introspective (read: Omphaloskeptic). Hard to force myself to write when I'm distracted/maudlin.

I'm in a good place, now. I just saw a picture of myself from a couple years ago and It just looked like a picture of some chick. Could this whole process have been that easy?

Shouldn't speak of "this whole process" in the past tense. Still, it's weird to get that "end of the beginning" feeling.

There's a lot less new than there used to be. <=)


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